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Residential Gate & Gate Opener Service & Repairs

Our experienced team at Family Christian Doors can help with your residential garage door repairs and service, no matter the need. We are proud to provide service and repair to any make or model of residential garage doors or openers you may have. Our DFW-area garage door company offers reliable and fast service when you need it most. These are some of the garage door repairs our team at Family Christian Doors perform:

Residential Gate Openers

When you need reliable and secure residential gate openers, choose Family Christian Doors. For over 14 years, owner Brandon Bailey has been serving the home security needs of customers in Dallas – Ft. Worth.

Residential gate openers are a critical part of your overall home security system. When you and your family need quick access or even faster security, you want a gate opener that you can depend on, time and time again. Considering how many times your household will be using your residential gate opener, it makes sense to work with an established residential gate openers company in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area.

We have a variety of top quality residential gate opener brands to choose from, including LiftMaster, All-o-Matic and Apollo. And, no one offers more options for your residential gate openers than Family Christian Doors. When you contact us today, one of our trained technicians will introduce you to the different methods available to power this part of your home security system. You can choose from standard electric, automatic and energy efficient solar power.

Here at Family Christian Doors, we are committed to making installation of your home security gate openers as easy as

Custom Built Residential Swing and Slide Gates

Each home and homeowner has their own unique look and style. Now, with Family Christian Doors, you can custom build any swing

Broken or Bad Casters

A bad caster or broken entry gate wheel can be a real headache, and not the type of headache that you can take two pills and call

Limited Entry Gate Remote Range

The standard range on your entry gate remote can vary depending on whether you have an external antenna kit or outside receiver kit

Gate Replacement

Do you have a broken gate? Do people say your gate is ugly? Do you have an ugly, broken gate? Well, worry no more! Entry gates

Gate Opener Replacement

Intercoms, touch pads, key fobs…oh, the possibilities are endless! That being said, depending on the type of entry system you

Bad Ground Loop for Gate Opener

A bad circuit board, improper wire size and distance of loop from loop detector, along with several other possibilities; can affect the

Bad Gate Opener Circuit Board

Improperly matched male and female connectors, heat build-up and circuits that are not designed to handle the correct amp loads

Bad Battery

Whether the battery’s internal hardware is damaged or malfunctioning, or the forces of nature have destroyed the integrity

Bad Charging System

A charging system failure is not uncommon in outdoor gates. Failures and malfunctions can occur for several reasons including:

Leaning Gate Post

Leaning gate posts can occur if the original post is not set properly whether it be the depth, width or amount of concrete poured. Most

Broken Gate Hinges

Gate hinges can sometimes come loose or even brake due to everyday wear and tear and repeated use. This can hinder

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