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Garage Door Gear and Sprocket

Generally, the ridges in the gear on your garage door may have worn out for several reasons including; improper, evaporated or no gear lubrication. This can cause the sprocket to be unable to turn the chain and therefore, keeps the door from moving up or down. There could also be wear and tear on the door and parts such as worn out rollers and or worn out torsion system bearings. This can create excessive strain on the gears causing them to malfunction. While this can be considered a fairly easy fix, further damage to the gears and sprockets can happen and therefore potentially create more work and financial burden. Often times, replacing parts may be just as expensive as, or even more so, than replacing the whole garage door. Our technicians are expertly trained to give you the best and most cost effective solution to fit your budget. So for your safety, please do not attempt to move or operate the garage door as this may cause you or a member of your family bodily harm. For assistance and a free on-site assessment, please contact a specialist at Family Christian Doors, in Dallas at 972-292-7144 or Fort Worth at 817-224-2227, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for all of your garage door needs.