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Commercial Gate & Opener
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Commercial Gate & Opener Service & repair

Our experienced team at Family Christian Doors can help with your residential garage door repairs and service, no matter the need. We are proud to provide service and repair to any make or model of residential garage doors or openers you may have. Our DFW-area garage door company offers reliable and fast service when you need it most. These are some of the garage door repairs our team at Family Christian Doors perform:

Custom Built Commercial Swing or Slide Gates

The professional look and style of a company is vitally important to any business. Now, with Family Christian Doors, you can custom

Commercial Gate Openers

Commercial gates can be used up to hundreds of times every day. Some also need to be quite large and heavy to provide the needed security while allowing access to big industrial vehicles. This means that the gates need and deserve heavy-duty, high-quality, commercial gate openers to power them. Without the proper opener, the gate’s ability to open and close will soon be compromised. We will help you get the right one for your situation so that you can be assured that it will be trouble-free for years.

Family Christian Doors provides gate openers from top brands that are well-known for their durability. All-O-Matic, Apollo Gate Openers and others are well-represented by our company. This selection makes it easy to find the perfect one for either a new or existing gate.

We also offer a variety of new gates that will perfectly match your access control needs. These, along with their openers, are best chosen by considering the needed weight, duty cycle, frequency of use and desired operating style. We can take care of your requirements, whether you want your gate to swing or slide, have one panel or two, or any other criteria.

To see our gates and openers, you need only stop by or give us a call. Our number in Dallas is 979-292-7144, and our number in Fort Worth is 817-224-2227.

Our staff members here at Family Christian Door will be glad to walk through all of your needs and show you the best options for

Commercial Broken Or Bad Casters

Commercial entry gates can have bad or broken casters, otherwise called entry gate wheels, that can cause a real headache, and not

Commercial Gate Limited Remote Range

Commerical gate remotes are unlicensed Radio Frequency Interference, or RFI, transmitters and are therefore subject to FCC

Commercial Gate Opener Replacement

With endless possibilities to choose from, such as intercoms, touch pads, key fobs and Bluetooth technology plus many more;

Commercial Gate Opener Bad Ground Loop

The inductance of a ground loop can be effected by a bad circuit board, improper wire size and distance of loop from loop detector,

Commercial Gate Opener Bad Circuit Board

A fried circuit board in your commercial gate opener can be caused by a list of issues including: improperly matched male and female

Commercial Bad Charging System

A commercial gate charging systems failure is not an uncommon occurrence. Several reasons that may cause failures or

Commercial Leaning Gate Post

Leaning posts on your commercial gate can occur if the original post is not set properly in depth, width or the proper amount of

Commercial Broken Gate Hinge

Repeated use and everyday wear and tear can sometimes cause gate hinges can sometimes come loose or even brake. The hinges

Garage Door Off Track

If you have a broken garage door spring, there are several reasons why this might have happened. Variances in temperature, a spring

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