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Top 5 Reasons Garage Doors Do Not Work In Johnson County
If you are experiencing problems with your garage doors in the Johnson County region and you find yourself at a loss for viable information, there are a number of helpful repair companies that you can call for assistance on these matters.
However, it does help if you know a little bit about garage doors and what causes them to experience issues before you pick up the phone to call a company in the Johnson County area. Let's take a closer look at the top five reasons why garage doors tend to experience malfunctions so that you are fully educated before contacting a Johnson County repair company.
1. Dead Batteries
Before you whip yourself into a panic and start calling every company that you know to come fix your broken garage door, do yourself a huge favor and check for dead batteries first. Check the transmitter and make sure that the batteries are alive and well. If they are not, the transmitter will not receive the signal and your door is simply not going to open. Make sure that your new batteries line up properly before replacing them.
2. Misaligned Track
When a garage door is not in proper alignment, this can be a serious issue and homeowners should not make the mistake of attempting to place the door back on track by themselves. If you are seeing obvious gaps between the rail and the door's rollers, this is typically a sign that the track is no longer in the proper alignment. Fix this problem immediately before it has a chance to become even worse.
3. Unwanted Blockages
Did you know that a garage door may stop working because of issues that are taking place with the blockage of its path? Each garage door has a reversing mechanism inside of it that will cause it to avoid objects that have been placed in its path. This same mechanism can lead to a great deal of frustration when you are not aware of the items that are keeping the door from functioning in the manner that are accustomed to.
4. Broken or Worn Down Springs
The springs are arguably the most important aspect of the garage door from a functioning standpoint and if you are not willing to take a closer look at these springs before making a final decision on whether to call a repair company, you could be leaving yourself susceptible to any number of long term issues in this regard. If the springs break while you are in the home, you will typically hear a very loud noise in the garage, one that is similar to the sound of a firecracker.
5. Tension Cable Problems
In addition to the springs of the garage door, the tension cables are also a crucial aspect of its continued functionality. If the garage door has begun to close in a manner that you would consider to be abnormally slow or abnormally fast, this is usually a sign that you need to contact a professional garage door repair company to find out more about their ability to fix or replace them.
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